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A Call to Faith in America and Around Our World.
Let There be Peace on Earth and Let it Begin...
    Tablet    ... with Me......      
Dove of Peace

Thou Shalt Not………..
The 10 Commandments
In Simple English

Pass the Words of God to all People of all Nations.
God gave us His Rules for living. They are simple and direct. Pass them on.
“But seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness and all these things
shall be added unto you.” St. Matthew 6:33

Seven Articles of Faith
by Doris Newnam
This Unique E-Book Published in Web Page Format Includes:

The 10 Commandments
Condensed to Simple English by Doris Newnam

A Prayer for You
A Personalized Prayer with Your Name.

The Lord’s Prayer

The Beatitudes

The Lord is My Shepherd

God is Love

Pledge of Faith

A Certificate of Your Pledge of Faith.

Each Article of Faith is published on a separate web page, featuring an appropriate colorful background and borders. Formatting style is similar to this "A Call to Faith" web page. Other scripture selections are also included with the Articles.

Bonus 1: "The Pledge of Allegiance." Help put GOD back in America.
Bonus 2: You also get your own referral URL and personal web page for receiving your "Love Gifts."
Bonus 3: Your Personal Referral URL will be included in a special "A Call to Faith" Link Rotator, which will be promoted as feasible on your behalf.

Join us now and get your own web page with my "A Call to Faith" message, plus my unique E-Book in web page format, by giving a "Love Gift" to the Monitor and to each of your Friends in Christ listed on this page.

This special collection of scriptures and prayers has been chosen to help us enhance or renew our faith and vows with God. This collection’s monetary value can only be assessed based on the costs of creating, programming, and publishing. The value of the messages is without price. For our Lord paid the ultimate price that you and I may have eternal life. And yet while we are in this earthly life, I believe that He wants us to live and enjoy our lives to the fullest. God’s original purpose and plan for us was no less than the Garden of Eden. Yet, because of the human form he gave us, with the ability to think for ourselves, whether right or wrong, we must deal with the fact that we are not prefect. And we are allowed to make our own choices because the bottom line was, God still loved us enough to send His Son, Jesus, to offer us yet another choice of eternal life.

It was on the Christian faith and teachings of Christ that America was built. Our governmental structure was modeled similar to an established Christian church’s governmental body structure. Even our money proclaims, “In God We Trust.” Yet, God and prayer are gradually being edged out of our infrastructure by a few who cry “unconstitutional”. It is time for the silent majority to step up and reaffirm the very foundation of our American heritage, “In God We Trust.” And the Freedom to do so. Perhaps if we put prayer back into our classrooms, we could save a few precious lives. Children need to feel grounded; to feel that they belong. God is a common denominator; He loves one and all without respect to race, color, culture, size, shape, rich, poor, or in between, or even your religious preferences. A few moments of prayer or meditation to begin the day, just might make the difference in someone’s actions during that day. And don’t forget that the same could apply at home, to start your day with Thanksgiving and a prayer for the Lord’s guidance throughout the day. Interestingly enough, the same people who say that we can’t pray in school because of separation of church and state, start their day in Congress with prayer. And is it separation of church and state when a politician visits and even speaks in a religious service with the purpose of getting votes? It seems to be that the “separation” thing is selective.

You may or may not agree with me. That is your right. You may or may not attend church. That is your right. This isn’t about whether you attend church or not. It is about a renewal of faith and how we each do that is between each of us individually and God. Everyone is invited to join this program and help to spread the word...

“Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me… I want to put God back into America. I want more prayer and less crime. I want more peace and less war. I want more love and less hate. I want a better future for our children and those who come after them. I want to join ‘Friends of Christ’ and help others with my love gifts and prayers.”

The numeric number 7 is recognized by many as God’s sacred number. It is often considered to be a “lucky” number. Based on its significance, this program is using the number 7. Your “Love Gifts” should be at least $7 or more to each of the 7 Friends of Christ. You can do the numbers, but if everyone who joins obtains just 7 new Friends of Christ who give them a Love Gift of $7 or more, through 7 levels, your potential could well be over several million. I did the math, but for legal reasons will not list it here. For that is a potential figure based on everyone getting 7 friends through 7 levels. Your own gifts could be much less, or even potentially much, much larger.

In keeping with the #7, I am asking everyone to try to find 7 Friends in Christ. Besides the monetary, first consider the message you will be helping to pass along. You will also be receiving my special collection, “Articles of Faith”, which includes a personalized prayer for you. My prayer is that my Seven Articles of Faith will enhance your own Faith in God, and in yourself, and give you peace and comfort whenever you need it.

For purposes of this program, I must place a monetary value of my E-Book Publications. The Product Collection includes, but not necessarily limited to: my "Seven Articles of Faith" web E-Book, Three Bonuses, plus your own web page for receiving your own "Love Gifts".

When I created this Collection, I had intended to publish it in Print and Mail. I found the expense of that publishing medium to dictate a minimum monetary value of several hundred dollars, making it a prohibitive purchase for many people. By finally deciding to publish in the web format, my Call to Faith Message will be more affordable for everyone. Therefore, I am placing a minimum of a $7 "Love Gift" to each person on your list, plus a one-time $10 Monitor/Admin Gift to help cover Products, Administrative, Server and Hosting Expenses.

Join us now as a Friend in Christ.

"Yes, I am answering this unique Call To Faith in America with my Love Gifts and my Prayers to the monitor and to each of the 7 people listed. I want to be a Friend in Christ and help bring Peace on Earth. Please activate my gifts – The Seven Articles of Faith Collection, The Pledge of Allegiance, plus create my own “Call To Faith in America“ web page with my name listed for receiving Love Gifts upon my competion of payments. I promise to pray for America and for each person who sends me a Love Gift. I also pledge to share my Gifts as if from God with someone less fortunate, through my church, local food bank, or other ways as will be pleasing to the Lord. I do hereby commit my Pledge of Faith by submitting my gifts and prayers.

When you submit your gift, please repeat this prayer, "My Friend in Christ, (insert the name here) I give this gift to you in Jesus’ name." Then in the comments box, type in: "Please ad me to Your Prayer List."

Give your gifts from your heart as unto God. When you receive your gifts, then do make a Prayer List and add each person gifting you to your Prayer List. A Prayer List page will also be made available for every participant who wishes to be listed.

By participating in A Call to Faith in America, you agree that you want to help put GOD back in America, and that a portion of your gifts received will be shared or donated to someone in need, perhaps at your church, local Food Bank, or other ways as will be pleasing to the Lord..

Have Faith in Him

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After you join, from within the members area, you will Submit Your Friends in Christ “Love Gifts” to:
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Thank you in advance for your Prayers and Love Gifts.

~~~ A suggestion – not required. ~~~ When you receive a “Love Gift”, send a little thank you e-mail and or a scripture verse of your choosing. A lovely way to spread God’s Word and His Love. You may also include your own programs.

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